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Cisco's Hall of Fame inaugural inductees
Fri, 6/18/10 - 3:41am    Add your comment

Cisco Support Community Hall of FameCiscoI offer my personal congratulations to the Cisco support community's Hall of Fame inaugural inductees.

The below individuals who've been inducted into Cisco's Hall of Fame have devoted untold hours of their time helping users resolve technical issues via Cisco's online support community (of which I've been one of the many grateful beneficiaries).

Additionally, unlike Cisco's prestigious CCIE program, being inducted into Cisco's Hall of Fame is forever!

The following 7 inaugural Hall of Fame inductees were selected by a team of Cisco support community (CSC) managers led by Tom Yoritaka - director and general manager of Cisco's technical support community:

Paolo Bevilacqua     Paolo Bevilacqua is a former Cisco technical marketing engineer for the 7200 router and voice. Before that, Bevilacqua had jobs at Cisco as a Systems Engineer and Testing Engineer and has 20 years of experience in IP networking, his CCIE number is 2623. Bevilacqua is now consulting for international customers on Cisco and integration designs involving Data, and Unified Communications.

Rick Burts     Rick Burts has been in data communications for years, with experience in technologies from old SNA to current VPNs, and about everything in between. He's designed and supported small to large networks, as well as taught many Cisco courses for multiple years (CCSI #94069 and originally certified in 1994). Burts current technical interests include security and VPN technology, and he was recently the network architect for a successful disaster recovery/security implementation that supports 250+ VPN remote sites connecting to redundant IPSec routers at a central site. Originally, he started reading and posting to network forums as one mechanism to help him ramp up for his CCIE certification (#4615 which he earned in 1999). While Burts was teaching Cisco courses, he liked listening to his students and suggesting possible approaches to solve their production issues. Since he's not teaching many classes now, Burts decided to use the NetPro forums to help keep himself sharp in various technical areas as well as to help others. He likes contributing, and he can answer a bunch of the questions quickly. For the 'harder' questions, Burts personally gets a great deal of satisfaction from digging into topics that he hasn't refreshed on for awhile. Burts really enjoys working for Chesapeake Netcraftsmen, as they're a great group of fun and smart people (including 8 CCIEs). Chesapeake has consulting and training expertise in high-end routing and design, switching, VoIP, QoS, MPLS, network management, security, IP multicast, course and lab development and other areas too.

Joe Clarke     Joe Clarke has been with Cisco since 1998, working on the network management TAC team in North Carolina. As a network management distinguished support engineer, he handles world-wide network management escalations, particularly those pertaining to CiscoWorks, SNMP, Network Analysis Module, and embedded management. He has done development and testing for CiscoWorks since the good ol' CRM 1.1 days, and is responsible for such CiscoWorks plug-ins as JT, JET, and logrot. He has also been helping to test and extend the Tcl engine in IOS, the Embedded Event Manager (EEM), Embedded Syslog Manager (ESM), and Smart Call Home (SCH). Joe is extremely active on the Cisco Support Communities (aka NetPro) network management forum where he provides assistance to customers on a wide variety of network management issues. He is CCIE #5384 as well as a Sun Certified Java Programmer, Sun Certified System Administrator, Sun Certified Network Administrator and a Sun Certified Security Administrator.

Rob Huffman     Rob Huffman has been working in the Telecom industry for many years most of which have been spent quite happily at his current position with Mount Royal University located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The university made the move to Cisco Unified Communications a few years back and that is when he discovered the Cisco Support Community - formerly "NetPro" forums. Huffman's learned a great deal from all the fantastic members there and made some nice friends along the way.

View Network World's Q&A with Rob Huffman

Giuseppe Larosa     Giuseppe Larosa was born in 1967 and earned an Electronic Engineering degree in 1993 from Italian University Politecnico di Torino. After some experiences in different fields like automation and imaging, he's been working in data networks since 1997. Larosa worked in a service provider environment for almost ten years (actually in testing labs) and then he have moved to an enterprise environment. His first enterprise years were focused on network infrastructure, and he later started to work also on Unified Communications, Wireless Networks and in some security aspects. As an experienced network engineer he has hands-on experience with data networks and he's expected to work on them daily. That's why Larosa joined ONE-ANS (parent company Italtel is a Cisco gold partner) which provides a Network Operations Center service for its customer RAI. Every day he has to deal with network problems in order to provide service assurance.

Jon Marshall     Jon Marshall is a network consultant in the U.K. and appreciates the NetPro culture of helping. "I'm amazed that people around the world, most of whom have demanding jobs, are willing to give their time freely to help other people," he says.

Edison Ortiz     Edison Ortiz is a Network Consulting Engineer with the Cisco Advanced Services team. His team concentrates on supporting the New York Financial companies in terms of network design, deployment and troubleshooting. Ortiz's networking experience goes back to 1992. He currently holds a CCIE in routing and switching #17943.

Once more, I give my most hearty congratulations to the above 7 inaugural inductees into Cisco's Hall of Fame.

Visit Cisco Technical Forums as well as view more CCIE Water Cooler Gossip.

Do you have a story to share about the help you've received from Cisco's support community?

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