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Stuart Levi a partner with Wall Street's most powerful law firm Skadden Arps assails Brad Reese in email to Editor of Network World

Last week, Stuart Levi a partner with Wall Street's corporate takeover powerhouse Skadden Arps, assailed me in an email message to the Editor of Network World:

"Brad Reese, an employee who was terminated by Cisco retaliated by posting comments accusing XXXXXXXX of insider trading."

New York City:   Mon, 10/21/13 - 1:01pm    View comments

Stuart LeviSkaddenAccording to Forbes Magazine, Skadden Arps is Wall Street's most powerful law firm:

"Skadden. The name, terse and uncompromising, symbolizes the most rarefied levels of corporate law, where clients throw platoons of attorneys at a problem and barely blink at the resulting $50,000-an-hour bills.

"With 1,700 attorneys and $2.2 billion in fees last year, New York's Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom is the biggest U.S. law firm by revenue and the third biggest worldwide. The partnership's $693 million profit in 2007 exceeded the net income of much larger companies, including Yahoo!, Southwest Airlines and Avon Products."

Skadden Arps law partner Stuart Levi specializes in huge outsourcing transactions such as Citigroup's $2.5 billion outsourcing deal to Tata Consulting Services and according to Bloomberg Businessweek:

"It's festival time in India, and Tata Consultancy Services... bagged a $2.5 billion contract to provide process outsourcing services, application development, and infrastructure support to Citigroup and its affiliates over nine-and-a-half years."

Interestingly, many months ago I was personally contacted by a current law client of Skadden Arps, former Cisco XXXXXXXXXX with regard to my blog story:


According to XXXXXXXXXX, my blog story appeared among Internet search results for his name and now that he was no longer employed with Cisco, potential employers might also be reading it.

Naturally at his request, I immediately deleted the blog story's HTML web page and kept an archived PDF copy for my personal use.

Then in subsequent months, Skadden client XXXXXXXXXX would contact me with many requests to delete comments that I had posted to other websites where I mentioned that the Skadden client's name appeared in connection with an insider trading scandal.

Well, I immediately deleted all the comment posts that I could manually. Then one day out of the blue, I received a very nice and expensive (at least in my opinion) gift basket from XXXXXXXXXX with a kind note thanking me for my response to his requests.

Later on Skadden Arps partner Stuart Levi personally contacted me asking if I would cooperate with Skadden's campaign on behalf of its client, XXXXXXXXXX, to delete my comment posts on other websites that I manually could not delete myself. Naturally I agreed and my cooperation resulted in many of my comment posts being successfully deleted even though I could not delete them manually myself.

Then last week the Editor of Network World forwarded to me the following email message that he received from Skadden Arps:

Email Message from Skadden Arps to the Editor of Network World

My response to Skadden Arps:

My response to Skadden Arps

Skadden Arps emails the Editor of Network World with clarifications:

Skadden Arps emails the Editor of Network World with Clarifications

Skadden Arps admits that they knew I was NOT an employee terminated by Cisco.

However most alarmingly in my opinion, Skadden Arps left out of its email message that I was NOT retaliating against Cisco, nor that I was NOT accusing a Skadden client, a former top Cisco executive, of insider trading.

So at this point in time my days of cooperating with Skadden Arps and its client, a former top Cisco executive, are over!

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Today I received an email from Cisco requesting that I take down this entire blog article

What's your take?

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