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Pronouncements of John Chambers before discontinuance of the Cisco Cius tablet

A look back on what Cisco CEO John Chambers and Cisco SVP Barry O'Sullivan touted to the public about the Cisco Cius.

Fri, 5/25/12 - 5:05pm    View comments

Cisco CEO John Chambers

Yesterday, Cisco SVP OJ Winge blogged:

Cisco will no longer invest in the Cisco Cius

So lets look back on a couple of Cius pronouncements that hopefully Cisco's Board of Directors will remember when it comes time to approve Cisco CEO John Chambers' future discombobulated projects and/or his continued employment:

6/13/12:   Techworld

Cisco should have axed Cius nine months before it did, CEO John Chambers told reporters at the CiscoLive! conference in San Diego this week:

"Once you realise you're not going to reach the volumes you need, you should just stop. We should have made our decision to exit the Cius market nine months ago."

7/22/11:   Network World

"Demand for Cius is higher than we expected," said Barry O'Sullivan, senior VP of Cisco's Collaboration and Communication Group to a group of of journalists at Cisco Live.

O'Sullivan wouldn't reveal details, except to say volume has been "lots."

7/12/11:   The Street

Chambers highlighted the recent debut of Cisco's Cius device, a business tablet that runs Google's Android operating system.

"You're beginning to see it launch in volume. I believe this product is going to be really hot."

6/30/10:   Network World

Cisco's new Cius tablet for business collaboration will remain a workplace tool and not morph into a consumer-market competitor to the iPad or Kindle, company CEO John Chambers told a press roundtable at Cisco Live here this week.

"It's complementary to the iPad," Chambers said. "We do want to have an architectural play in consumer (but a tablet or netbook for the home) is where a number of our peers will lead."

Cius was in development for 18 months, from concept to product, Chambers said. He said its development was very quiet with information on it contained internally within Cisco.

In healthcare, Cius could foster collaboration between healthcare providers, patient, insurance company and family to discuss and determine a course of treatment.

And in even more serious situations, it could perhaps save lives, Chambers suggested. "It would have changed things dramatically" had it been available to victims and recovery personnel of the 2008 earthquake in the Sichuan province of China, he said.

6/29/10:   CDN

Cisco also made the Cius an open platform based on Android with a form factor designed strictly for business users.

Chambers said that bringing telepresence to every device in the world was a goal of his. "They say a picture is worth a thousand words so if that's right, then multimedia is worth a million words and you can't do that with video as an afterthought if you want to bring collaboration to life," he said.

He added that in the future, all phones will be video-enabled and that's the main reason for Cius.

6/29/10:   Enterprise Mobile Today

During a keynote at the Cisco Live conference, Cisco CEO John Chambers described the Cius as "literally the first mobile collaboration tablet with telepresence capabilities from open standards that brings together our entire capability in terms of collaboration."

"Cisco Cius has the ability to capture your imagination, and say what does this mean in terms of use in business and education," Chambers said. "It's the ability to combine ... an open architecture, literally a collaborative tablet for business, and the ability to do this with telepresence and high-definition, off an open standard and open platform with Android."

On another note that's TOTALLY UNTRUE, but "funny" nonetheless (at least in my opinion).

The below video parody, humorously reveals Hitler's embarrassment over his Twitter Tweets, his dashed hopes for a dream job with Cisco that would have allowed him to earn a nice exorbitant "fatty paycheck," as well as his severe disappointment in learning he will never need to commute to Cisco's headquarters in San Jose. Perhaps it would have been a commute on Cisco CEO John Chambers' $50 million private jet that he was so eagerly looking forward to:


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What's your take?

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