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Unconfirmed rumor: Belkin to purchase Cisco Linksys division

Hershey, PA:   Sat, 12/15/12 - 11:59pm    View comments

Update 4/24/2013 - 9:10PM:

Unconfirmed rumor: Belkin paid a mere $65 million for Linksys

Update 1/24/2013 - 5:16PM:

Exactly 40-days after this original blog post was published on December 15, 2012, Belkin has announced it will purchase Linksys (view the email announcement without frames):

Cisco's corporate business development vice president, Hilton Romanski, blogged about Belkin's intent to acquire Linksys.

View the Belkin FAQ on its purchase of Linksys.

Update 12/17/2012 - 3:37PM:



Hi Brad,

I saw your post over the weekend and that was the first I had seen anything about a purchase by Belkin.

At this point it's just a rumor so I don't have an official statement.


Leah Polk
Senior Global Public Relations Manager
Belkin International, Inc.
12045 E. Waterfront Drive
Playa Vista, CA 90094

Update 12/16/2012 - 7:00PM:

Bloomberg: Cisco Said to Hire Barclays to Sell Linksys Division

BelkinLinksysEarlier today I received an unconfirmed rumor that privately held router vendor, Belkin International, was set to purchase Cisco's home networking Linksys division.

According to the website of the Los Angeles, CA based Belkin, it currently has 1,200 employees in 21 countries.

Alarmingly, over the most recent 4 quarters (1Q'FY13, 4Q'FY12, 3Q'FY12, 2Q'FY12), Cisco's "OTHER" sales category (which includes Linksys sales), declined by -$250 million year-over-year from the previous 4 quarters (1Q'FY12, 4Q'FY11, 3Q'FY11, 2Q'FY11).

Cisco's quarterly "OTHER" sales (which includes Linksys sales)
View the spreadsheet without frames:

Source: Cisco Systems

Related stories:

Unconfirmed rumor: Belkin will guillotine Linksys staff in October

Unconfirmed rumor: Belkin paid a mere $65 million for Linksys

Is Cisco getting ready to close Linksys and announce more layoffs?

What's your take?

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