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The unique NSEL elements of the Cisco ASA firewall

Only a few vendors realize that the ASA exports Network Address Translation (NAT) details.

Wed, 6/27/12 - 11:59pm    View comments

Plixer InternationalCisco Developer RegisteredIt's time I posted something about Cisco ASA NSEL NetFlow reporting since Plixer's NetFlow Analyzer is one of the only flow analysis technologies that can currently report on the non-traditional elements such as username, NAT, ACLs, etc.

It's important to understand that the ASA was not initially intended to export NetFlow. For years syslog was the preferred mechanism of exporting firewall logs. Overtime, Cisco engineers came to realize that NetFlow exports were more efficient for the firewall as well as the received log aggregation technology. In addition, pressure came from the customer base for a NetFlow export and now we have it!

This post is not about the traditional NetFlow reporting you can do on the NetFlow exported by the Cisco ASA, we'll focus on the unique NSEL elements that most other vendors aren't even looking at. Only a few vendors realize that the ASA exports Network Address Translation (NAT) details:


NAT details can be invaluable for tracking down problems that originate from within the internal network. The ASA's NSEL NAT templates allow the network or security analyst to "see around" the NAT, saving time and hastening the process of problem resolution.

And similar to syslogs, it also exports NSEL messages in NetFlow that detail the ACLs being violated and the Events and Extended Events being impacted.


These new reports can be used for firewall rule planning or for verifying that existing rules are blocking traffic from a specific host or application. They can also be used to find out what ACL is blocking traffic that the company needs to get through.

In short, the ASA's NSEL exports help reduce finger pointing by eliminating the firewall as a problem or if there is an issue with a rule or NAT policy, NSEL reduces the time required to fix the issue.

And the great thing is that NSEL is already available in your ASA. All you need to benefit is a NetFlow collector capable of making use of the NSEL information.

Being that it was the first firewall to support NetFlow, the export does suffer from a few short comings such as no active timeout for long lived flows, no TCP flags, non standard bidirectional NetFlow and a few other issues that are not a huge problem for most NetFlow fans. Besides, I may have heard a rumor that these issues or most of the issues in the NetFlow export are fixed in an upcoming 2012 release. Stay tuned...

Reach out to my team if you are interested in gaining access to reports like the above or if you have questions on the ASA NetFlow configuration.

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