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Brilliant appointment of Padmasree Warrior as Cisco's new chief strategy officer

This time, Cisco CEO John Chambers has definitely jumped the shark!

Tue, 6/26/12 - 9:21pm    View comments

Ruling with an iron-fist over Cisco's Board of Directors (at least in my opinion), today Cisco CEO John Chambers announced the appointment of Padmasree Warrior as Cisco's new Chief Strategy Officer:

"Where she will be responsible for identifying customer and industry transitions and determining Cisco's strategy to address them."

Om MalikPadmasree WarriorInterestingly on Monday, December 3, 2007, Cisco's stock price opened at $28 per share, reached a high of $28.41 and closed that day at $27.57

Simultaneously that Monday, famous technology industry personality, Om Malik, blogged:

Moto Zaps CTOs Blog

"In the pre-blog world, when you left a company, they would escort you out of the building. Now they zap your blog. There are rumors that Motorola CTO Padmasree Warrior had resigned and was leaving the beleaguered mobile phone maker. Well, those rumors must be true. Suddenly all the entires on her popular blog have been zapped. And if you try and go there, you get redirected to a generic Motorola page."

Then the very next day on December 4, 2007, Cisco CEO John Chambers announced the appointment of Warrior as Cisco's new Chief Technology Officer (CTO), a post that had been vacant for 2-very long years. Also that day, Cisco's stock price closed down at $26.96 (obviously, not a very good omen).

Only 11-months earlier on January 10th, 2007, Motorola CTO Padmasree Warrior blogged:

iPhone, uPhone, We all Phone!

In her blog post above, Warrior arrogantly welcomed Apple to "the club," saying Apple validated her beliefs, and then famously authored 7-bullet points that listed her "morning after doubts" about why Apple's new iPhone wouldn't be a success.

In my opinion, the abundant supply of comments to Warrior's blog post, offers a good idea on what Cisco's shareholders, employees and customers can expect from Warrior's appointment as Cisco's new Chief Strategy Officer. I mean, the very first comment (but timemark wise last) as shown below, sets the tone for the many, many other comments made to Warrior's blog post:

"Posted By: Rene (16/01/2007 3:39:29 PM)

"Comment: prediction: iPhone will be a flop. I agree with earlier comments: The way forward for phones is voice, not tiny touch screens."

Within 9-months of Warrior's arrogant blog post, Motorola reported the following stunning financial losses that led to Warrior's resignation from Motorola and her subsequent bewildering appointment as Cisco's new CTO:

Motorola's Stunning Financial Losses
Source: U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

So what do Cisco's shareholders, employees and customers have to look forward to with the appointment of Padmasree Warrior as Cisco's new Chief Strategy Officer?

Well, it's revealing to see what preoccupied the mind of Motorola CTO Padmasree Warrior just a mere 24-days before Apple introduced its new iPhone on January 9, 2007:

On December 16, 2006, Motorola CTO Padmasree Warrior (again, just 24-days before the launch of the Apple iPhone, which totally, financially decimated Motorola), breathlessly and most earnestly blogged:

Who moved my black tie?

"Why can't the Ritz or Four Seasons install some 'black tie locker rooms'? These would be so functional for working folks that are sleep deprived or jet lagged yet shamming to look like they just stepped out of a day spa after a microdermabrasion followed by an aromatherapy facial. Funny? Not when I am in a tizzy trying to figure where I am going to change out of my mundane work clothes into Cinderella couture. Can't use my office, small problem - has glass panels. This is one project where opacity, not transparency is highly desirable. Ok stop! I did try the women's restroom - ridiculous idea! Ever tried to slip out of a business suit, squeeze into a dress, change shoes, coax on make up, clasp jewelry, do your hair - all this at warp speed, with fingers crossed hoping no woman (or man for that matter!) that works for or with you, walks into the restroom and wonders whether you are trying out for the juggling act at Cirque du Soleil. Not good! Yep, I did try checking into a hotel room close to the venue to get ready for the do. Nope, it is not a pleasant experience when the strange guy behind the front desk raises a quizzical eyebrow as you check out within just one hour, after spending an ungodly amount for the room. Ever feel infuriated but can't stop that blush from creeping up your neck and face? I know that feeling."

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What's your take?

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