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Cisco's outdated hierarchical network model
Thu, 9/22/11 - 5:17am    View comments

Timothy Prickett MorganCiscoYesterday, Timothy Prickett Morgan authored a Register report that pretty much declared Cisco's hierarchical network model as "not fast enough or cheap enough for the cloud."

In a nutshell, Morgan succinctly summed up Cisco's dilemma:

"The traditional three-tier, hierarchical data centre networks as defined and championed by Cisco Systems since the commercialisation of the internet protocol inside the glass house no longer matches the systems and applications that are running in those data centres."

Read the nitty gritty of Morgan's detailed report!

Cisco's outdated hierarchical network model

Cisco's outdated hierarchical network model

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What's your take, do you agree with Morgan that Cisco's hierarchical network model is outdated?

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