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Cisco's former $6 billion dollar man favors bare metal switching

See how the modern networking supply chain is creating outrageous windfall savings for end users. As an example, take a look at this 10GE Transceiver Cost Comparison.

New York City:   Wed, 1/14/15 - 11:59pm    View comments

Cumulus NetworksWilliam ChoeEarlier today William Choe, the Senior Director of Products and Alliances for Linux networking software vendor, Cumulus Networks, gave the following presentation as shown below.

Keep in mind that Choe was the former senior director of marketing for Cisco, where he grew Catalyst fixed configuration switching sales to $6 billion per year:

Making the Switch to Bare Metal and Open Networking

1:33 Time Mark

Learning from Web-Scale Operations

2:46 Time Mark

Networking is Open in the New Data Center Blueprint

4:00 Time Mark

Traditional Networking Supply Chain

5:51 Time Mark

Traditional networking supply chain transfer costs and gross margin

8:11 Time Mark

Modern networking supply chain transfer costs and gross margin

10:22 Time Mark

Significant Cost Savings, and Simplified and Transparent Pricing

12:11 Time Mark

10GE Transceiver Cost Comparison

13:48 Time Mark

Ease of Procurement with Channel and Online Alternatives

15:37 Time Mark

Great Networking with Choice of Architectures

18:00 Time Mark

Operational Transformation

19:02 Time Mark

Provisioning: From Days to Minutes

20:11 Time Mark

SDN: Loosely Coupled Architecture vs Proprietary Stacks

24:13 Time Mark

Design Patterns Emerge for the Transition to Cloud

25:50 Time Mark

Cumulus Networks Empowers the Transition

27:50 Time Mark

Unleashing the Power of Open Networking with Cumulus Linux

29:45 Time Mark

Unleash the Power of Open Networking in Your Data Center Twitter - William Choe Twitter - Cumulus Networks Support and technical documentation Consulting & training Register for a webinar Learn More Let us know how we can help Test drive the Cumulus Workbench

30:54 Time Mark - Questions and Answers!

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