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Have Cisco's councils and boards morphed into a bloated structure of 2-in-the box?

It now appears Cisco CEO John Chambers may have "reinvented into another form" his infamous councils and boards.

Hershey, PA:   Thu, 10/4/12 - 10:30pm    View comments

John Chambersí 2-in-the-box executive management structure Cisco President

One week ago I received the following blog comment:

"Cisco has an over bloated executive structure. The whole reason they had 'executive councils' was to justify the large amounts of execs. When the councils disbanded, they started this '2-in-a-box' model. In other words, every VP is doubled up. As in 2 people in one VP slot. Instead of going to a 'council' meeting, an individual contributor now has up to 6 VPs in front of him/her.

"Cisco is aggressively eliminating people and business units. However, when they eliminate a BU, the people in the BU are terminated but the VPs remain. The VP is then put into this '2-in-a-box' with another VP. As a result, the number of VPs in Cisco are way off the charts. Bottom line, they essentially reinvented the 'executive councils' in another form."

Well today only a week later, Cisco announced:

Gary B. Moore and Rob Lloyd promoted to President

Does that sound like "2-in-the-box" to you?

It certainly does to me!

Cisco's new organization chart:

View full-size chart without frames

View full-size chart without frames

View the executive biographies of Cisco's new organization chart.

What's your take?

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