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Has Cisco's greed created a culture of cheating for its CCIE cert?

Brad Reese received a call from an employer who was being sued for the $90K an employee spent in pursuit of a Cisco CCIE cert.

Wed, 1/23/13 - 11:59pm    View comments

Cisco Certified CCIECiscoA culture of cheating has developed around the aspirants to the coveted CCIE. In the mix of tools and training offerings there's a violent felon in the gray market along with equally detestable brain dumpers getting paid handsomely to produce CCIE lab success stories.

There appears to be nothing done about the culture of cheating that has been spawned by the shear cost of training and testing. There has been nothing done about these dumpers and gray market instructors who violate the rules set forth by Cisco. Cisco could cancel their CCIE numbers and ban them for life as has been done to CCIEs simply for associating their numbers.

Given that the cost of the lab is about half of the average person on this planet's household income, why not ensure you pass by cheating? Cisco does not care as long as Learning@Cisco shows a profit.

Extorting large fees from their blessed Cisco Learning Partners leaves most wanting for reasonable profits. When will the "Learning Mafia" at Cisco learn that they have priced the cost of certification out of the realm of most talented IT professionals' budgets?

Getting the coveted CCIE number has its merits because the CCIE count remains below 24,000 regardless of the fact that CCIE #38000 was issued recently. Why has the value of the certification proved so high to achieve but so low to retain? Could it be that those who have paid a smaller percentage of their household incomes then lose interest in maintaining their CCIE number before the gloss has faded from the plaque?

In the presence of other IT certifications the CCIE is still one of the most scarce and highest in demand by hiring managers. Regardless of the manufacturer of the networking gear the CCIE is coveted for his certified subject matter mastery.

I think it is time for CCIE aspirants to yell real loud at the Learning@Cisco management to give them some relief. CCIE aspirants are treated like they are contestants in "Who Wants to be a Millionaire", when in fact the millions are being raked in by Cisco. Give us a break you greedy skinflints!

Note from Brad Reese:

I actually received a call from an employer who was being sued for the $90K an employee spent in pursuit of a Cisco CCIE cert.

After the employee achieved the CCIE cert, the employer only wanted to reimburse the employee for $45K, stating that the $90K spent by the employee was excessive.

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