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Is a good idea?

What's your opinion? I mean, give Bernd the good, bad and the ugly!

Tallahassee, Florida:   Fri, 9/11/15 - 5:50pm    View comments

Bernd UeberbacherCisco Certified CCIEIt's been 5-years since Cisco last published a worldwide CCIE count by theater, region and country.

And it appears the CCIE community continues to mourn the loss.

How so?

Well, Cisco CCIE Service Provider #48558, Bernd Ueberbacher, recently posted the following idea to the Idea Center, but has yet to receive a single reply.

So perhaps our readers can give him the feedback he's seeking:

CCIE map for Cisco experts

Screenshot of

Screenshot of

So what's your opinion?

I mean, give Bernd the good, bad and the ugly!

Visit the website.

View more CCIE Water Cooler Gossip.

Additionally, view the updated worldwide CCIE count.

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What's your take?

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