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Dual CCIE 18532 Security/R&S George Morton speaks out
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Unlimited bandwidth is going to restart Moore's Law in networking

The Internet-WAN model will change from a simple Hub-Spoke architecture to three tier Core-Region-Edge architecture.

Hollywood, FL:   Fri, 6/28/13 - 11:59pm    View comments

Changes to the Network


Its about bandwidth

Bandwidth is always the game changer

Unlimited bandwidth allows for the Internet-WAN Solution

Stupid Internet-WAN Equipment

New Edge/Region Topology

At Risk

Unlimited Bandwidth Model


Other IT Models

George Morton, Ph.D.
Dual CCIE 18532, Router/Switch and Security
Email: GMorton@Madisol.Com

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It's time to change the network - Dual CCIE 18532 Security/R&S George Morton

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