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Dual CCIE 18532 Security/R&S George Morton speaks out
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Cisco CCIE Salaries

In 2009 a CCIE in Motown could command a $120k average base salary, today even $175k is not attracting talent.

Hollywood, FL:   Tue, 3/5/13 - 11:59pm    View comments

Update 2/18/2014 - 11:59pm:

Wayne Lawson: 2014 Q1 CCIE Job Statistics / Average CCIE Starting Salaries by Track

Cisco Certified CCIECiscoEarlier today, the notoriously infamous Cisco critic, Brad Reese, asked in an email for my take on the following Cisco CCIE Salary information.

Tight-lipped as always, he wouldn't give up his information source other then it was from anonymous.

So here's the email I received from Reese:

Hi George,

What's your take on the accuracy of this information about CCIE salaries?


Why can't General Motors find a CCIE Voice?

In 2009 a CCIE in Motown could command a $120k average base salary, today even $175k is not attracting talent.


Detroit is one reason, but you would think that a $175k base for a Voice CCIE in the USA would be the fly paper that would make one stick.

In 2009 the average base salary for a CCIE in the USA was $120k, today it's $135k.

In 2009 San Francisco saw huge salaries for CCIEs in the Bay Area, anywhere from $120k - $140K, depending on what company was bidding.

In Chicago where a $120k base CCIE salary was great in 2009, saw CCIE talent bleed away from its economy and cost of living spike, now it takes a $150k minimum base salary to retain CCIEs.

In 2009 New York had average CCIE base salaries of $130k, but they have since moved up to an average $155k base today.

Look at the cost of living and you will see a spike in COL also equates to a spike in CCIE salary.


Cisco is doing very little to promote the CCIE as a product and the supply vs. demand should see Cisco making huge profits in the Router and Switch market.

So what vendors do CCIEs now promote?



Brad Reese
Research Manager
Email: Brad@BradReese.Com
BradReese.Com Network Hardware, Software and Services
7 West Main Street, Suite 203
Hummelstown, PA 17036
Telephone: 717-602-1752
Web Profile:


The following is my take on the above email:

I think the numbers are right or even higher. In consulting, I'm being offered no less than $85 per hour: temp to perm, ($170k). At that level, I'm receiving up to five requests a week from Monster.

The bottom-line is that Cisco was the primary source of CCIEs over the years. But of all the Sales Engineers I've met over the past two years, not one was a CCIE even though they all had over 5 years of experience with Cisco. So I'm guessing the CCIE cert is no longer a required track for Cisco Sales Engineers, so there'll be fewer Cisco CCIEs to pass around over time.

A Cisco Gold VAR only needs four CCIEs, so again, not so many CCIEs are needed once you make Gold. As a matter of fact, once a VAR has four CCIEs, why look for more or train them?

So the body of new CCIEs is coming from self-study. I know three guys actively going for the CCIE; none are being sponsored by their employer, they are doing it all on their own dime. So again, less new blood.

What clients are understanding is that Cloud, Virtual, and expanded Data Center Services are forcing their networks to be architected and managed by fewer, but far more experienced network engineers.

So the squeeze in prices, see Adam Smith circa 1776.

George Morton, Ph.D.
Dual CCIE 18532, Router/Switch and Security
Email: GMorton@Madisol.Com

View George Morton's Worldwide Cisco CCIE Count.

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What's your take?

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