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Cisco has acquired Virtuata, a security startup cofounded by Meru Networks cofounder Joe Epstein

Meru Networks is one Cisco competitor whose shareholders have fared far worse than Cisco's own beleaguered shareholders:

Mon, 7/16/12 - 9:29pm    View comments

Meru vs. Cisco Stock Price Chart

Source: Yahoo! Finance

Hilton RomanskiFormer J.P. Morgan investment banker, Hilton Romanski, Vice President and Head of Cisco's Corporate Business Development, blogged today:

Cisco Acquires Virtuata

"Cisco is pleased to announce that it has acquired privately held Virtuata. Together, Cisco and Virtuata will enable consistent and enhanced security for virtual machines allowing customers to accelerate the deployment of multi-tenant, multi-hypervisor cloud infrastructures.

"The Virtuata acquisition reinforces Cisco's build, buy, partner innovation framework and supports our strategy of providing best-in-class solutions for our customers."

Romanski continued:

CiscoVirtuata"It is well-aligned to our strategic goals to develop innovative virtualization, cloud and security technologies, while also cultivating top talent. The Virtuata team will join Cisco's Data Center Group led by David Yen, senior vice president, Data Center Group."

Joe EpsteinPeter DanzigInterestingly, Virtuata was cofounded by Meru Networks cofounder Joe Epstein and former Stanford University visiting instructor Peter Danzig.

According to Virtuata's LinkedIn profile:

"Virtuata, Inc. is a stealth-mode company located in Silicon Valley, working on the next generation of security software. We are looking for the best and brightest in their respected fields of computer science."

Meanwhile, Virtuata's website states:

"We are a stealth-mode startup reinventing the way computers are trusted and secured."

One software developer described his employment gig at Virtuata as follows:

Gunderson Dettmer"Leading binary translation effort to drive next generation of anti-malware software."

On May 18, 2011 Virtuata's law firm, Gunderson Dettmer, sent this letter via Federal Express, that recorded the 2011 Virtuata Equity Incentive Plan offering 8,735,293 shares of Virtuata common stock priced at 6 cents per share for a total value of $524,117.58 (Virtuata was incorporated in Delaware):

2011 Virtuata Equity Incentive Plan

Virtuata has had 2 separate securities transactions where it sold Virtuata common stock for other consideration:

Date Other Consideration Value
11/16/2010 $44,444.44
03/02/2011 $140,171.00
TOTAL $184,615.44

Finally according to this Notice of Transaction filing, on March 11, 2011 Virtuata sold Series A Preferred Stock for $6 million in cash consideration.

Ahmed SallamCitrixAccording to a May 8, 2012 blog post by Citrix CTO Ahmed Sallam:

"The XenClient team's intent from the start was to open up the Service VM architecture to 3rd parties, enabling them to extend the XenClient platform in new and interesting ways. One of the companies we are working with is Virtuata.

"Virtuata uses the XenClient extensible virtualization Service VM architecture to establish a dynamic root of trust. By design, the XenClient hypervisor acts as the Trusted Computing Base (TCB). It then enables Virtuata to extend the trust dynamically to loadable legitimate executable programs forming a dynamic root of trust. Once running, only the code belonging to those good programs can run. By preventing good apps from getting infected, they lock out the sorts of advanced threats (like code exploitations and injection and return-oriented attacks) that have been leading headlines for the last couple of years. Thus, rather than waiting for the attack to happen and then reactively publishing signatures to detect that particular attack, they proactively protect known good and legitimate programs directly in memory."

Sallam added:

"The combination of XenClient and Virtuata leads to the establishment of a Safer and Assured Computing Environment. I will be talking more about our vision for Safer Assured Computing in the next coming 'XenClient CTO Blog Series' so stay tuned."

Sallam concluded:

"The integration of Virtuata software with XenClient will be demoed at the Synergy conference in San Francisco this week. It is being shown in the Citrix booth in the XenClient demo area starting Tuesday night. Stop by and check it out. I'll be there along with other key XenClient team members meeting with partners who are interested in discussing this technology and other further potential integrations with XenClient."

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What's your take?

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